Dear Colleagues!


Dear Colleagues!


Laboratory of Comparative law of Center of legal maintenanceof interaction of the Russian Federation with the countries of AsianPacific region

Institute of Inner Asia

Faculty of Law

supported by

Supreme Court of the Republic of Buryatia,

China University of Political Science and Law

University of Law Enforcement officers of Mongolia

invite young scientists, post-graduate students, applicants, students of Master’s degree, students from Russia and other countries to take part in the annual International  scientific conference «The Comparative Jurisprudence in the countries of Asian-Pacific region-VII», which will be held on April 15, 2016.

The aim of the conference is to strength the international legal cooperation between states, the scientific communities and students in Russia, APR, and other countries.

Objective are as follows:

— the establishment and consolidation of business relations with other scientists and centers comparative law researches.

— promotion of cooperation between Russia and other APR, other states, in the judicial and law enforcement affairs.

— the evolution of comparativistics towards the development of didactics, the quality of training future lawyers in APR.

Russia is the biggest Eurasian power. Geographically, most of its territory is a part of Asia, which largely determines the prospects for the development of the entire region. The success of the political, commercial and economic, cultural cooperation between Russia and the countries of Asia is largely determined by how deeply we understand the legislation particularities, legal and general culture of neighboring countries and assess all the difference. Due to this fact, comparative researches in various fields of knowledge, including the rights, have become especially relevant.

Dear young scientists, postgraduates, undergraduates and students! Now, in the present or in the near future you will take a full responsibility not only for the development of your own country, but also for the strengthening of friendship and cooperation in the Asian-Pacific region, in the whole world. The lawyers with knowledge of oriental languages, possessing the technique of special translation, familiar with the legislation of Russia and other APR countries in comparative legal aspect will become in-demand. Even now, in your vocational training, you can focus on Asia. And this direction can give you, the future and the current young lawyers, high guarantees of a successful employment and a brilliant career!

International scientific-practical conference of young scientists, post-graduates,  students, «Comparative Jurisprudence in the Asian-Pacific Region-VI», for the 7-th time held by a laboratory of comparative law (  with the Faculty of Law of the Buryat State University and our partners evokes a great interest in young people both in Russia and in other leading countries in the Asian-Pacific Region countries such as China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, India and the CIS countries. The universities of Europe and other countries are actively cooperating with us in the given direction.

The conference is traditionally organized within five sections:

  1. Constitutional legal and administrative legal problems of Comparative Law;
  2. International law and international relations;
  3. Civil legal problems of Comparative Law in the countries of APR;
  4. Criminal legal and criminological problems of Comparative Law in the countries of APR;
  5. Criminal procedures and criminalistics problems of Comparative Law. Law enforcement authorities in the countries of APR;

The recommended subjects can be corrected and expanded by a researcher; however the report theme is defined by frameworks of Comparative Jurisprudence of the countries of APR. After the conference the edition of a collection of proceedings is planned. The conference materials, including multimedia presentations, will be published on a website Authors of the best works will be assisted in the grants and the placement of their research papers in leading peer-reviewed publications.

Details of the priority areas of research are available on the same website, where you can also get acquainted with the collection of materials of the previous conferences, and other publications.

The conference organizing committee reserves the right to reject reports (articles) in the case of violation of the requirements.

            Those participants who need additional materials on comparative law can apply to the website – On the website main page you will see “Comparative law, materials ,November,2015” (63 Mb).

Date of the Conference: April 15, 2016.

The Conference Address: office 7410, Buryat State University, Building  № 7, Sukhe-Bator Str,6 Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia.
The participation form: internal or correspondence.
Conference working languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Mongolian.

If  you wish to participate in the conference, forward us an application form in an electronic form in Russian or English (the sample form is attached) not later than March 30, 2016 and a copy of the abstract of your paper with a copy on a compact disc not later than April 15, 2016.

Requirements to the Articles:

  1. Article is represented in the electronic form in Russian or in native and English as a separate file: in a file name it is necessary to specify a surname of the author and first three words of the name of article (in Russian or English).
  2. Organizing Committee requires the authors to carefully check before submitting a common spelling and punctuation of the materials, as well as the spelling of the relevant of juridical terms, references to normative legal act, etc.
  3. Materials of postgraduates, graduates and students will be accepted only after being checked by your scientific supervisor. The written review is not required, but the organizing committee reserves the right to contact with the supervisor if needed.
  4. The size of article should be about 8 pages, made in «Microsoft Word» with using Times New Roman  (size 14), a line spacing – 1,5. Position on page – on width of the text. Fields: right – 15 mm; top – 20 mm; bottom – 20 mm. A paragraph – 1,25. Pages should be not numbered.
  5. Article title must be in the center of page with bold-face type capital letters.
  6. Information about the author (authors) are specified under the title of article with bold-face type lower case letters, alignment should be on a right edge (Full name, the organization, a city, the country).
  7. References in the article should be placed in square brackets with instructions of serial number of a source and page number: [1, p. 5].
  8. The list of the sources must be in the alphabetical order after the text under a heading «Literature» with numbering of each source in the Arabian figures. Inclusion of electronic resource is necessarily.
  9. The author of the article is provided with a certificate with the use of text analysis for the presence of borrowing package «Anti-plagiarism».

All expenses connected with the conference (trip, accommodation, food, cultural program, etc.) are covered by the participants or the sending organization correspondingly.

BSU hotel booking is provided till April, 1st. The number of rooms is limited. Accommodation fee is covered in cash on check-in day.

Cultural program:
includes visiting of Ulan-Ude sight. The excursion to Baikal Lake is planned. 04/16/16 around 8.00 – 20.00. In the case of moving to Baikal Lake it is recommended to buy tickets back not earlier than 22.00 of local time (+5 from Moscow) 04/16/16.

Participation Payment is 500 roubles (payment of 1 copy of the collection and mailing). The organizational payment can be done by the postal order to the Organizing committee address: Smolin Str, 24a, Buryat State University, Russia, 670000, Natalia Ivanovna Shalikova.

Contacts: Room 0311, Smolin Str, 24a, Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia, 670000
Fax: (007- 3012) 21-23-27 (marked «for the Department of Criminal Procedure, FL BSU»).


Tel.: (007- 3012) 29-71-60.

Kristina Sergeevna Latypova Tel.: +79149895915.

Natalia Ivanovna Shalikova Tel.: +79243926692.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee,

Head of the Laboratory

of Comparative Jurisprudence

Professor of the department

of Criminal Procedure

of Faculty of Law BSU,

Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor                                                         Y.P. Garmaev


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