Летняя школа в Федеральном Балтийском университете



Immanuel Kant

Baltic Federal University


with the support of Center of Development of Legal Clinics, Russia

VIIISummer School

Future Lawyers & Economists:

Essential Skills to Success

20 – 29 August 2019

at the Baltic sea in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation


Why to apply for the Summer School in Kant University?

  • The Summer School programme includes a unique set of interactive courses specially designed to develop a range of professional skills that would be of significant use to all future lawyers and economists.
  • Courses will be taught by Professors from leading universities of the USA, UK, Germany, Hungary, Armenia and Russia as well as practitioners having rich experience in different spheres of legal work, politics and diplomacy.


  • The languages of the Summer School are English and Russian separately.
  • The Summer School program  is the only one of this kind both in Russia and Europe that covers subject traditionally not taught in university curriculum


Here you will learn

Statute drafting and managing a law firm

Risk management and decision making in difficult business situations

Legal argumentations and procedural documents preparation

Contract drafting in English

Personal Development and Professional Ethics

Role of Law in Business and Business in Law

Evidence analysis and Public speaking in Moot Courts and much more



Best Students from all over Russian and abroad will get together at the Baltic sea –

we already have more than 500 alumni!



Application and Study


Summer School program includes study of three parallel groups (flows) of students:


— Legal flow: English speaking group – 20 students;

— Legal flow: Russian speaking group –  25 students;

— Economic&Legal flow: both Russian and English speaking group – 20 students.


Full cost of the School Program for one student is 700 Euros. See “scholarships” below.

International travel and accommodation costs remain the responsibility of the participants.















In addition to the main educational programme, the Summer School participants will be able to attend

  • Lunchtime seminars (Brown Bag),
  • Receptions

Moreover, an amazing team building exercise at the Baltic sea will form an integral part of the IKBFU Summer School; this encapsulates its challenging and resourceful spirit, a spirit that goes beyond simple academic ambition, but instead adopts the ‘work hard, play hard’ maxim.


See the draft program below and on the website


Applications must reach the Organizing Committee

by July 1, 2019 г. throuhg the School website:



Email of the Organizing Committee: bfusummerschool@gmail.com








  Course title Professor
LegalFlow : English group
A1 Legal Skills in Court: Simulation and Mock Trial Prof. Richard Roe, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA
А2 Oratory Skills & Public Speaking for Lawyers Demetrius Floudas, Senior Associate, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, UK
A3 Business Negotiations Walter Bardenwerper,  Georgetown University, Washington, DC, US
А4 Contract Drafting Dr. Marian Dent, Dean of Pericles, USA — Russia
А5 Managing Legal&Economic Projects


Konastantinos Markulakis, Managing Partner at TMK Law Firm, Greece
A6 Legal Argumentation Tamara Trotman, Judge, Hague, Holland
А7 Managing corporate compliance Timur Khasanov-Batyrov,  international expert on compliance risk management , Moscow, RF
LegalFlow : Russian group
P1 How to Write Laws Prof. Elena Abrosimova, Doctor of Law,  Head of Commercial Law Department, Lomonosov Moscow Stater University, Russia
P2 Legal Argumentation Arkady Gutnikov, Director of Prince Oldenburgsky Law Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
P3 Street Law Georgy Patiulin, Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, Moscow, Russia
P4 Art of Procedural Documents Drafting Ekaterina Nikonova, Higher School of Economics, Defense attorney, St. Petersburg, Russia


Р5 Professional Ethics for Lawyers Maxim Dranzhevsky, Lomonosov Moscow Stater University, Director of Center for Development of Legal Clinics, Moscow, Russia
P6 Skills in Court Irina Lukianova, Doctor of Law, Head of Procedural Law Department,  Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, Moscow, Russia
Economic&Legal flow : Russian&English group
Е1 Risk Management Walter Bardenwerper,  Georgetown University, Washington, DC, US
Е2 Business and Law Demetrius Floudas, Senior Associate, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, UK
Е3 Managing Legal&Economic Projects Konastantinos Markulakis, Managing Partner at TMK Law Firm, Greece
Е4 Effective Negotiations Vladimir Lissnyak, Director of Pericles, Russia
Е5 Strategic thinking and planning Alexei Bodungen, Head of Training-Center “Golubka”
E6 Managing corporate compliance Timur Khasanov-Batyrov,  international expert on compliance risk management , Moscow, RF
Е7 Art of English writing for Economists and Lawyers Donald Cannon, professor, Pericles,  Russia — USA

Web-page:  http://eng.kantiana.ru/summerschool/ E-mail: BFUSummerSchool@gmail.com

*Final list of courses can be the subject for change

Application deadline – July 1, 2019


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