Working meeting of the Union’s Branch Offices

On 15 December 2022, a working meeting of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists Branch Offices took place at Kuban State University. Among the participants, there were Doctor of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor Elena Steshich (Rostov region), Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Vladimir Konyakhin, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Alexey Ilyashenko, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Marina Prokhorova, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Leonid Prokhorov (Krasnodar region).

An important event during the meeting was the dissertations defense for the degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences by Nikolay Konorezov on the topic: “Coercion to sexual acts: criminal legal characteristics and qualification issues” and by Anna Amosova on the topic: “Receiving a bribe: differentiation of criminal responsibility and penalization problems”.

We wish the entire staff of Kuban State University new creative achievements, interesting scientific projects and talented students!

Translated by Eizaveta Ovchinnikova

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