Working meeting of the Criminalists and Criminologists Bureau on 10 March 2021

On 10 March 2021, a meeting of the Bureau of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists was held via videoconference. The meeting was attended by the Bureau members: Matskevich I.M., Zaitsev O.A., Kadnikov N.G., Rednikova T.V., Prikhodko N.Yu., Lavrentieva M.S., Tarasova Yu.V., Bodrov N.F., Lebedev M.V.

The Union Branch Offices were also represented by: Borisovsky Vladimir Ivanovich (Belgorod), Volchetskaya Tatyana Stanislavovna (Kaliningrad), Lukyanov Vladimir Viktorovich (St. Petersburg), Kazak Bronislav Bronislavovich (Northwestern Federal District).

The Union’s Foreign Representative Offices were represented by: Taalaibek Tursunovich Shamurzaev (Kyrgyzstan), Uwe Hellmann, Sargis Terzikyan, Diana Stange (Germany), Guy Marcel de Vel (France).

Decisions made:

  • Considering applications for membership in the Union of Criminologists and Criminologists received from Tereshchenko Svetlana Viktorovna (Academic Advisor Prof. Zaitsev O.A.), Kadnikov Fyodor Nikolaevich (Academic Advisor Prof. Lebedev S.Ya.), Forazhnikova Elizaveta Alekseevna (Academic Advisor Prof. Zharov S.N.). It was decided to accept Tereshchenko S.V., Kadnikov F.N., Forazhnikova E.A. as members of the Union unanimously.
  • Discussing the preparations for the forum ‘Energy Security (ES)’ were discussed. The report was made by the President of the Union Matskevich I.M. The logo of the Forum in English was presented. Approving the date and time of the Forum – 21.04.2021. The programme of the Forum will be published later.
  • The event will address the political, informational, environmental and technological problems of ensuring energy security in the Eurasian region, including geopolitical aspects, problems of ensuring energy efficiency in the structure of environmental security, issues of negative impact on the environment and climate change of traditional and alternative energy and ways to minimize it.
  • Approving the work plan of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists in 2021. It was also decided to send the work plan to Foreign Representative Offices, including in English. Responsible for the implementation of this order, the Secretary of the Bureau of the Union Lebedev M.V.
  • Rednikova T.V. The report on the work of the website of the journal «Union of Criminologists and Criminologists» was made by the executive Secretary of the Bureau of the Union.
  • Tatyana Vladimirovna said that the site is currently being translated into German. She also reported on the agreement with colleagues from the Union’s representative office in Germany to register the journal in the catalog of German libraries for indexing in foreign databases.
  • Matskevich I.M. reported that preparations for the registration of the Union’s Journal in international scientific databases have been started. The first platform in the queue is Google Scholar.
  • The President of the Union encouraged colleagues to participate in reviewing articlesmore actively paying special attention to the quality of the material provided. Igor Mikhailovich also reminded the Russian and foreign colleagues about the possibility of publishing interesting author’s materials in the Union’s Journal and on the website.
  • Deciding to appoint Kadnikov N.G. a responsible person for the section ‘Analytical materials of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists.’ The President of the Union informed the colleagues that analytical materials of the Union’s members are published on the Union’s website every day at 19:00 (Moscow time). Ivan Milic (Serbia) as well as members of the Union from Saratov joined this projectenthusiastically. The work of the Vice-President of the Union Zvyagintsev A.G. was also noted. He presented a historical overview of a current problem.
  • Matskevich I.M. proposed everyone to actively present analytical materials for the Union’s website.
  • Kadnikov N.G. drew the attention of those present to the fact that the materials provided must be up-to-date and original. Also of interest are works that conduct a scientific analysis of legislative innovations, law enforcement practices, works in the field of comparative law that consider legal conflicts and incidents.
  • The Bureau’s secretary Lebedev M.V. reported on the work with students and interns. Due to the epidemiological situation, the form of practical training in Russian State Social University (RSSU) was changed. To date, a list of 8 people has been formed from among the students of the third and fourth courses of the RSSU, who are ready to take an internship and are waiting for a response from the Union. Matskevich I.M. asked the members of the Bureau and the heads of the Branches and Representations of the Union to submit their proposals for the formation of tasks for the interns in the Union. The practice should be both informative for the students and useful for the goals and objectives of the Union. Bodrov N.F. made a proposal to involve interns in sorting the array of abstracts according to their topics.
  • Matskevich I.M. reported on the preparations for the Moscow Legal Forum. The date of the round table within the Moscow Legal Forum ‘Organized crime: an effective brake on the socio-economic development of the country’ is 8 April 2021 at 15:00. The event is timed to coincide with the publication of the textbook ‘Problems of fighting organized Crime’ (authors: Matskevich I.M., Koroleva M.V.). The co-organizers are the Moscow Kikot-University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Section of the International Police Association (IPA).  The event will be held via videoconference. Professor Nomokonov V.A. from the Vladivostok Center for the Study of Organized Crime will make a report.
  • Rednikova T.V. made a proposal to send to the Foreign Representative Offices a detailed instruction on registration for the section through the MSLA website.
  • Matskevich I.M. presented an opportunity for those who want to make a report to inform about it in time until 18.03.2021.
  • An analytical report with statistics of website visits was presented by N. F. Bodrov. Also, Nikolai Filippovich said that work on the Journal’s website has been completed. A full backup copy of the website, in case of unforeseen technical failures, was created.
  • The Head of the Union’s Representative Office in Kyrgyzstan, Shamurzaev T.T., thanked the participants for their fruitful work. He expressed his gratitude to Matskevich I.M. and Rednikova T.V. for their effective activities and information support.
  • The Head of the Union’s Representative Office in Germany, Uwe Hellmann, made a statement that he had sent to the Union an electronic version of the book ‘Commentary on the Criminal Code of Germany’ by Pavel Golovnenkov (the book is available on the website in the Union’s Library). Professor Hellmann showed the members of the Bureau a printed version of this bopk with the Union’s logo. Professor Hellmann expressed hope for an offline meeting as soon as possible, at which he would be able to hand over the printed edition of the book in person.
    Matskevich I.M. expressed hope that if the epidemic situation improves, the Potsdam Summer School can be held in June in full-time format in Pskov.
    Rednikova T.V. said that if it is not possible to hold a full-time event, the school will be held on the Zoom platform on 29 June or on 6 July 2021 in an online format similar to the school in 2020. The date will be agreed later.

Translated by Elizaveta O. Ovchinnikova

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