We invite you to watch the film “The Bomb. Ours in Los Alamos”

On 5 March 2023, the documentary film “The Bomb. Ours in Los Alamos” became available for the viewers (in Russian).

The film was shot by the Patriot National Film Foundation of Russia.

Authors: State Adviser of Justice of the 1st class, Honoured Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Deputy Director of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists Alexander Zvyagintsev, screenwriter Anastasia Anosovskaya and director Mikhail Elkin.

About the film:

On 30 August 1945, Major General Lauris Norstad dispatched to the US Air Forces headquarters a plan for a nuclear attack on the USSR. The document outlined 20 “key Soviet cities” headed by Moscow and Leningrad as targets. And the fact that these plans have remained on paper is a huge merit of the Soviet Foreign Intelligence Service, which developed and conducted a large-scale Operation Enormous.

Thanks to the recently declassified documents from the archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia, which Alexander Zvyagintsev managed to get acquainted with while working on the film, it became possible to track all the stages of this dangerous operation and learn about the people whose efforts ended the possible Third World War. Also to learn about the intelligence officers and the Russians’ foreign friends who voluntarily, risking their own lives, went to cooperate with the USSR, realizing that an atomic bomb in the hands of one country would inevitably turn into an instrument of nuclear blackmail.

The Director of the SVR of Russia, Sergey Naryshkin, takes part in the film. Interviews of theOperation Enormous participants are used, kindly provided to the film authors by the SVR of Russia.

We offer to watch this film on the Russian First Channel official website.

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