The Central Bank of the Russian Federation helps identify phone scammers

The Central Bank instructed how to identify phone scammers

Specialists of the Central Bank listed ‘red flags’ that can be used to detect a phone fraudster.

So, citizens are urged to get suspicious if a ‘bank’ allegedly calls with a generous offer: prizes, payments, lucrative offers and so on. Also, you should be aware of a persistent request to perform some actions with the account, phone or card.

An unexpected call or SMS from a stranger should also alert you. It does not matter how the scammer introduces himself as – an employee of a bank, police or store. If the dialogue is based on the topic of money transfer and the interlocutor asks to make this transfer to some ‘secure account’ under any pretext, pay a certain tax, fine, pay a deposit, make an advance payment and so on – this is also a sure sign that you are being deceived.

The caller can try to find out details of the bank card: certain numbers, PIN-code, personal data and the code from the SMS. And, of course, a telephone fraudster can put moral pressure: he requires to urgently report personal data or make a decision on the transfer of funds.

Translated by Elizaveta O. Ovchinnikova 

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