On 2 October, the international scientific and practical conference ‘Legal science and education in the XXI century’ was held

On Friday, 2 October, Samara National Research University opened the international scientific and practical conference ‘Legal science and education in the XXI century.’ It was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Law Faculty.

This is a significant event of a regional scale. The entire legal science of Samara Oblast celebrates its half-century anniversary. Kuibyshev State University (now Samara University) began training lawyers in 1970. The University was a pioneer in training in this profession in Samara Oblast. Initially, lawyers were trained at the Faculty of Humanities Department. Since 1976, however, the Law Faculty has become independent.

Rector of Samara University, Professor Vladimir D. Bogatyrev addressed the conference participants – representatives of the Law Faculty and honorary guests:

This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of legal education. Half a century ago, the germ was planted: the Faculty of Humanities was created, from which the Law Faculty later spun off.

The Faculty has grown from the seed that was planted 50 years ago. Today it is a large structure that includes six departments. At the same time, the departments are engaged not only in education but also in science – there is a dissertation council, a legal clinic that provides advice and a forensic laboratory. Today, the Law Faculty has more than 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students. At the same time, our graduates are employed in a variety of organizations. Most of those who work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the bar, the prosecutor’s office are our University’s Law Faculty graduates.

Samara University emerged from the combination of scientific and educational potentials of two powerful Samara universities: Samara State University and Samara State Aerospace University. This provided a new impetus for the development of legal science, among other things. And the Law Faculty of Samara University has once again become a pioneer, this time in the field of space law. This is a new, flagship direction in law. It is developing rapidly in step with the development of open space.

For Samara Oblast as well as for our country and for the world community as a whole, an extensive system of jurisprudence is critically important. Legal regulation helps society to remain civilized, protects human rights and allows building more harmonious relations in society. And, as the conference participants emphasized in their reports, the contribution of Samara University lawyers to the development of jurisprudence is valuable and noticeable.

All speakers noted that the Law Faculty shares generously its accumulated experience at scientific and practical conferences at international and national levels. It also participates in programs of professional development, retraining of judges, notaries, state and municipal employees. It was also highlighted that graduates from the Law Faculty form an intellectual and professional elite in the legislative, executive, judicial bodies, the bar, the prosecutor’s office, internal affairs, customs, notary and in the business community of Samara Oblast.

Source: https://urlife.pro/50years/; ssau.ru


  • The Law Faculty of Samara National Research University
  • Samara Regional Branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia
  • The Union of Criminalists and Criminologists

Translated by Elizaveta Ovchinnikova

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