On 13 September 1999, terrorists blew up an apartment building in Moscow

On 13 September 1999, an apartment building on Kashirskoye Highway (Moscow) was blown up by terrorists.

The explosion of the house No. 6/3 on Kashirskoe Highway occurred on 13 September 1999 at five o’clock in the morning. The explosive power was equal to 300 kilograms of TNT. The eight storey brick house was completely destroyed.

As a result of the terrorist attack, 124 residents of the house were killed, including 13 children, and 9 others were wounded. In total, 119 families were injured in the explosion.

Four days earlier, terrorists had bombed an apartment building in Moscow on Guryanov Street. On 16 September 1999, an apartment building in Volgodonsk.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia received reliable information that the bombings of houses in Moscow and Volgodonsk were organized and financed by Chechen field commanders. The terrorists in the Russian capital were Wahhabis Achimez Gochiyaev, Denis Saitakov, Ravil Akhmyarov, Yusuf Krymshamkhalov, Hakim Abayev, Taukan Frantsuzov, Ruslan Magayaev, Adam Dekkushev. All of them received sabotage training in camps of Chechen militants. The Moscow terrorist attacks were supervised by Wahhabi Achimez Gochiyaev, who received orders from Arab terrorists Khattab and Abu Umar in Chechnya.

In the course of operational-search activities, Russian law enforcement agencies prevented 13 more explosions, including 6 in Moscow, 5 in Pyatigorsk, 1 in Buinaksk and 1 in Vladikavkaz.

In April 2003, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office closed the criminal investigation of the Moscow and Volgodonsk houses bombings. According to the investigation, most of those involved in the organization of terrorist attacks were later killed during a counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya. 2 terrorists were detained and sentenced to life imprisonment. Achimez Gochiyaev, who directly supervised the execution of the terrorist attacks in Moscow, has become an international fugitive.

In Moscow, a monument to the victims of the terrorist attack was erected at the site of the explosion. It is made in the form of a small Orthodox chapel. Relatives and friends of the victims gather every year on 13 September there. They bring flowers, icons and light memorial candles.


Translated by Elizaveta Ovchinnikova 

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