Moscow Radio discusses the Union’s competition

The Union of Criminalists and Criminologists and the electronic media ZAKONIA will become discussion platforms on migrant environment decriminalisation and extremism prevention.

Kuzminki, Kuntsevo, Naro-Fominsk, Saint-Petersburg, Mytishchi, Odintsovo are the places of recent mass fights between members of various ethnic groups. The aggravation of the situation, frequent cases of gross violations of public order and ways to prevent interethnic clashes were previously the topic of an online meeting of the First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Colonel-Generaol Alexander Gorovoy with the ambassadors of several CIS countries.

The same topic was brought up for discussion by the e-media ZAKONIA on its website, in social media and as part of a joint project with the Radio Moscow – De Jure programme. What are the causes of the migrant environment criminalisation and how to stop the metastases of extremism spreading in it? The analysis of the conflicts’ origins conducted by the Anti-Terrorism Commission of the Moscow Region indicates economic problems that lie behind them; the role of a slow burning fuse has been played by the pandemic and its negative consequences. This opinion is shared by the programme’s co-host – the Editor-in-Chief of the e-media ZAKONIA, member of the Public Council at the Ministry of Justice of Russia, Deputy President of the Guild of Russian Advocates Russia Ruben Markarian. He noted that in such issues, the main emphasis should be shifted to pre-empting, not to responding.

The Anti-Terrorism Commission, the Main Directorate of Regional Security of the Moscow Region are currently implementing a special set of measures aimed at preventing the incitement of conflicts, said Alexey Andreev-Zimnitsky, Deputy Head of the Anti-Terrorism Commission of the Ministry of Defence. First of all, this is preventive explanatory work among migrant workers in terms of the basics of moral norms and legislation of the Russian Federation, assistance to foreigners who have fallen into a difficult life situation. Regional law enforcement agencies also arrange their own events.

According to the expert opinion of President of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists Igor Matskevich, the social and cultural adaptation of foreign citizens – migrant workers coming to the country, as well as the rules and conditions of their stay in Russia should have a strict logical legal structure. At the same time, the regulation should be simple, logical and understandable. It should be discussed with all interested parties and, if necessary, prescribed in the Constitution and other legal acts. The competition organised by the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists among students of law universities and faculties, which has already become a tradition, will begin such a public discussion. Its topics, at the suggestion of the e-media ZAKONIA, will relate to the prevention of extremism manifestations and extremism-related crimes. The legal portal, in turn, intends to discuss this topic with representatives of national communities, the most famous migrant bloggers with the participation of the Main Directorate of Regional Security of the Moscow Region.

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Translated by Elizaveta O. Ovchinnikova


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