History of normative documents. Military regulations of Ivan the Terrible

Russian Russian Border Guard Service Charter, developed by a special commission by order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible to organize the protection of the southern and south-eastern borders of the Russian Kingdom, was approved on 16 February 1571. It can also be considered the first military charter in the history of Russia.

The task was assigned to the most experienced voivode, the head of the entire defense of the ‘Crimean ukraina’, Prince Mikhail Vorotynsky. He began to study the documentation, and service people were called, especially those who had extensive experience in border protection. Even those who left the service due to old age or disability were involved in the work. With the help of joint efforts, the area was prepared for the implementation of the activities of the new service.

The disastrous results of the campaign of May 1571 showed that the reform had not yet had time to be applied properly. But the following year, the Border Guard Service played a significant role in the success of the Russian troops, which ended with a decisive victory in the Battle of Molodi.

The main provisions of the charter were in force for more than a hundred years until the Russian state advanced far to the south, and the army was reorganized on a regular basis.

Translated by Elizaveta O. Ovchinnikova  

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