A.G. Zvyagintsev spoke at the Volunteers of the Victory meeting


On 1 October 2020, Alexander G. Zvyagintsev, a member of the Organizing Committee, Vice-President of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists, spoke at the Volunteers of the Victory first organizational meeting at the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow.


‘Volunteers of the Victory’ is one of the largest voluntary associations dedicated to preserving historical memory. It includes representatives from more than 50 countries around the world.


An international quest is being prepared — ‘Beyond the Limits,’ which is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials. The quest starts on 21 November and takes place all over the world.


Working languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French. The closing meeting — 30 November. Moderator: Dmitry Guberniev.


The goal of the quest is to counteract the falsification of history and the glorification of Nazism by attracting the younger generation to study the history of the Nuremberg trials.


Steven Seagal took part in the meeting of the Organizing Committee.

Translated by Elizaveta Ovchinnikova

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