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The Union of Criminalists and Criminologists is a regional public organization. It was re-established in 2010. The Union brings together scientists and practitioners on the basis of common professional interests. They develop the foundation of social and legal policy, methodological, legal, organizational, methodical and technical issues of fighting crime and other offenses.

The Union continues the traditions of the International Criminal Law Association, headed by Franz von List and the Russian group of this Association under the leadership of I.Ya. Foynitsky (1897-1914), as well as the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists (1995-2002) under the leadership of Prof. V.E. Eminov. The organization, guided by their principles, unites scientists and practitioners who develop issues of Criminology, Criminal Law and Criminal Proceedings, Criminalistics,Operational-search activities, Forensic Expertise.

The Union interacts with state bodies and non-governmental organizations, state and other research and educational institutions and entities that develop issues of combating crime and other offenses.

The purpose of the Union is to bring together scientists and practitioners to help strengthen law and order, reinforce the fight against crime and other offenses, professional consolidation of specialists working in various fields of science and law-enforcement practice, training human resources in the field of anti-criminal sciences, coordination of fundamental and applied research within the powers provided by the Charter.

In this section, you can consult the documents regulating the activities of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists.

For Foreign Scientists and Practitioners

In order to join the Union, you should perform the following 5 steps sequentially:

  1. Fill out the application-form (please note the mandatory indication of which Foreign Representative Office you would like to be assigned to).

Foreign Representations of the Union of Criminalists and Criminologists.

  1. Send the application to the address of the Union — skk_vkk@mail.ru, (please note that the application will be forwarded to the appropriate Foreign Representative Office).

In the application, you can specify the member who recommends you to join the Union (not necessarily).

  1. Wait for a response about a positive decision and get the corresponding notification.
  2. Submit the photo in electronic form.
  3. Obtain a membership card of the Union.